Functions of NEPSE (Nepal Stock Exchange)

Functions of NEPSE

The main functions of NEPSE are as follows:

• NEPSE provides facility of listing the securities issued by corporations. This helps to bring the securities in secondary markets transactions. The automated trading system adopted by NEPSE facilitates the execution of buy and sell orders of investors through securities brokers.

NEPSE supervises and monitors the actions of its members, licensed brokers and listed corporations. The listed corporations are required t0 submit financial statements with NEPSE to disclose financial performance of the corporations publically.

• NEPSE also facilitates the settlement of transactions timely that takes place I! between buyers and sellers through securities brokers. The settlement takes place in the form of exchange of cash and security’s certificate.

• NEPSE also operates over-the-counter market for those securities which are not listed or which have been de-listed from the NEPSE. 

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